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ITALIA MARINE is an important reality in the nautical sector, from superyachts to small boats, yachtchandlers
marinas and shipyards.
Italia Marine constantly attentive to the multiple needs of its clients and the solutions it requires
is managed to develop revolutionary products, which make it possible to maintain and protect as long as possible all the boat surfaces.
For this reason we are always striving to offer superior performance products
with acompetitive price/quality ratio, able to more effectively meet the needs of our customers.
It has also developed a prestigious international reputation with its brands, producing a wide range of
eco-sustainable cleaning products for superyachts “Super Yacht Line and BioMarine“, respectful of the marine environment
and healthier for the crew using them.
These 100% organic detergents are based on ingredients of natural derivation, from renewable raw materials
and sustainable, formulated for the lowest possible toxicity and maximum biodegradability
(easily and quickly biodegradable), to provide customers with a guaranteed level of quality.
IMO MARPOL compliant, VEGAN and AIAB certified.

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