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"BIOMARINE" means ecological detergents made from raw materials of 100% plant origin obtained from renewable sources like coconut, palm and corn which have a quick and complete biodegradability .The detergents making up this line are scented with natural essential oils and are more concentrated than traditional detergents (by about 1 ½ times).

No substances of petrochemical or synthetic origin are allowed in the formulation, only natural substances certificates A.I.A.B. (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture).


We want to reduce the plastic waste of detergent packaging to zero. The best way to eliminate such waste is by not producing it, so this initiative of selling detergents on tap is aimed at encouraging the reuse of bottles and greater respect for the environment. Bio Marine Detergent cans on tap cost less(– 35%) because they allow us to save on bottles, labels and caps.


Concentrated neutral foam free detergent for washing up ( pots, dishes, cutlery, glasses) hand washing and machine washing. Degreases well even with seawater, it has a dermo-protective action and is scented with lemongrass essential oil from biological process. Formulated to help to reduce the risk of allergies and irritations. Dermotolofically tested.

From Price €18.75


    Biological extra virgin Oilve oil liquid soap with essential oil of biological lavender. Gentle with a natural antibacterial action, dows not cause redness and is also suitable for sensitive skin. Suitable for hand, face and body hygiene. Non-foaming, effective even when used with sea water.

    From Price €20.16


      Eco friendly PH shampoo suitable for all kinds of onboard cleaning. Quick and complete biodegradability with surfacatnts resulting from 100% vegetal raw materials and coconut oil natural soap. Concentrated, effective and easy to rinse. No foam, effective even when diluted in salt water.
      From Price €13.88


        It is a special multi purpose degreaser fraganced with eucalyptus essential oils, ready-to-use, eliminates all kind of dirt, acts instanly. Its non toxic formula is specific for the cleaning of ovens, cookers, cooker extractor hoods, kitchen surfaces, skins fridges, sanitaries, taps and tables in low ventilation areas. Dows not require the use of gloves. Also suitable to clean mirror and glass without leaving smears. No rinse needed. Designed to reduce the risk of allergies and irritations.

        From Price €19.23


          It is a special liquid detergent for persistent dirt, particularly designed for all onboard needs. Recommended for all external cleaning ( hull and deck) of your boat, eliminates any kind of dirt from leatherette, fiberglass, bimini tops ( restores the color), fenders. Instantly removes, marks, oily and black stains caused by water waste including engines waste. Eco friendly all purpose degreaser. Quick and complete biodegradability, we only use surfactants resulting from 100% vegetal raw materials. Concetrated, effective and easy to rinse.
          From Price €19.45

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