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Your skin performs an indispensable function, protecting you from millions of pathogens you come into contact with inside and outside the home. This is why the COVID-19 line of sanitizing products was born, a line of products for daily cleansing and sanitation, which guarantees you safety and deep hygiene to enjoy every moment of your day with peace of mind.

Biological and effective products that respect the skin and do not expose it to dehydration or dermatitis caused by too aggressive products; a perfect mix of natural ingredients with 75% alcohol certified by Aiab (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture)

Certified "Made in Italy" products

Contains 75% alcohol

Organic products

Without rinsing

Instant and effective action for the destruction of harmful microorganisms


The products are formulated in compliance with the Italian and European guidelines and regulations for the strengthening of hygiene practices as a preventive measure against the spread of the "Covid-19" virus within the scope of the EU regulation on cosmetic products and the regulation on products for cleaning of surfaces

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