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Universal sanitizer


In all places a (Public and private transports); domestic enviroments, boats, campers, cars, buses, ships, planes, trains, workplaces, shopping centers, gyms, swimming pools, bars, beach resorts etc. Everywhere hygiene standards must be guaranteed, especially in hotels, caterings and in any other enviroment where food is handled.


Notes: if there is dirt, clean the surface before proceeding with sanitation. Spray the product on the surface to be treated at a distance of about 20 - 25cm. Then spread the product with a clean microfibre cloth unitl complete evaporation. No rinse. On surfaces in contact with food: Spray and rub with disposable paper unitl completely dry.

Do not use on materials not compatible with alcohol.

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    PREDULON is an ideal base pre-cleaner tratment wich will de-grease gel-coat and painted surfaces prior to the application of DULON 1 &2. PREDULON'S unique formula works diffrently from most traditional cleaners in tha it reacts with the layer of dirt and grease wich has formed on the surface, separating and lifting it away. There is no better pre-treatment formula for DULON 1 & 2.
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      GEL COAT & PAINT POLISH is a water based solvent-free, protective polish wich is delicate to surfaces, safe to use, and kind to the enviroment. This product will gently restore brightness and shine to gel coat and painted surfaces leaving them looking as new. In addition, the polish will give lasting protection against the elements, salt and UV ray while inhibiting the build up of weathering and oxidisation over time.
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        FIRST-MATE/DECK MATE Wood...

        Extra Soft Nylon. // Aggressive, heavy duty cleaning of nonskid, teak and wood decks, roof tops, concrete and other similar surfaces. Not for use on painted or gloss f inishes. Cleans delicate finishes including paint, fiberglass, gelcoat, windows and graphics. Not for use with acids or Alcohol. // Soft Flagged Brush. All purpose brush ideal for paint and fiberglass Safe for use with detergents and mild acid cleaners. // Medium Brush. Slightly more aggressive than our soft yellow brush. Scrubs away dirt, grime, mildew and other tough stains. Ideal for non-skid, roof tops, awning teak decks, canvas, cushions, vinyl forniture and pools. Not for use on painted or gloss finishes.

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          It is a special multi purpose degreaser fraganced with eucalyptus essential oils, ready-to-use, eliminates all kind of dirt, acts instanly. Its non toxic formula is specific for the cleaning of ovens, cookers, cooker extractor hoods, kitchen surfaces, skins fridges, sanitaries, taps and tables in low ventilation areas. Dows not require the use of gloves. Also suitable to clean mirror and glass without leaving smears. No rinse needed. Designed to reduce the risk of allergies and irritations.

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            BIO BOAT-SHAMPOO

            Eco friendly PH shampoo suitable for all kinds of onboard cleaning. Quick and complete biodegradability with surfacatnts resulting from 100% vegetal raw materials and coconut oil natural soap. Concentrated, effective and easy to rinse. No foam, effective even when diluted in salt water.
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