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PLAST RENEWER will remove stains, salt deposits and bleaching from plastic surfaces, both rough and smooth. It is ideal for cleaning instrument panels and dashboards, indicator lights and headlamps etc. Can also be used to restore plastics and other rubber surfaces. Restoring surfaces to their original colour and brightness, PLAST RENEWER offers long lasting brightness and protection.
Price €20.29


    CLORO BATT is an anti-bacterial treatment for grey water tanks. This product will maintain and sterilise grey water tanks using an advance anti-bacterial formula and active chlorine base which also breaks down fat and emulsion build-up thus avoiding unpleasant odours and fat Deposits
    From Price €19.79


      Vulpex on countless plastic products, Extending the aging process. Renews and protects treated Surfaces with a non - stick effect, makes colors vibrant and gives new life to the transparent plastics without leaving smudges or stains. Regenerate acrylic and polycarbonate widscreens ( PVC and Plexiglas), painted surfaces and stickers (ideal for jet skis).

      Price €40.39


        The perfect product for the cleaning and sanitizing of the interior boat flooring (including wood). An effective way to prevent mould and odours in the bathroom and kitchen, especially during boat winterizing. Blocks the development of mould. Scented anti-bacterial formula.
        From Price €18.75

          Swobbit Premium Deck Brushes

          Extra Soft Nylon. Cleans delicate finishes including paint, fiberglass, gelcoat, windows and graphics. Not for use with acids or alcohol. // Soft Flagged Brush. All purpose brush ideal for paint and fiberglass. Safe for use with detergents and mild acid cleaners. // Medium Brush. Slightly more aggressive than our soft yellow brush. Scrubs away dirt, grime, mildew and other tough stains. Ideal for non-skid, roof tops, awning teak decks, canvas, cushions, vinyl forniture and pools. Not for use on painted or gloss finishes. // Aggressive, heavy duty cleaning of nonskid, teak and wood decks, roof tops, concrete and other similar surfaces. Not for use on painted or gloss finishes.
          From Price €60.76

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