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RUST AWAY is a mildly acidic, exxeptionally hard-working, stain remover wich remove even the toughest rust and mildew stain from chrome and stainless steel. Spray on and leave for a few minutes before rising. RUST AWAY can also be used to remove oxidisation from painted, ceramic (sanitary equipment) and metallic surfaces (e.g. winches, candlestick holders, shower heads etc. ). Suitable for deep cleaning and scaling outboard motors and propellers.
From Price €17.04


TEAK OIL seals and protects teak woodwork. Its advance formula penetrates deeply into the wood (unvarnished) restoring its natural beauty and golden tones. It helps prevent further dirt build up in the pores and grooves, enhances water proofing to protect against rain, salt and sea spray, and forms a barrier against harmful UV rays which can fade and dry out teak over the course of time. Easy to apply, this oil is delicately perfumed with an orange scent.

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DULCLEANER is a powerful, all purpose boat cleaner wich instantaneously removes dirt, mildew, oil grease, fish blood, grime and stains from all types of surface. It is particularly effective on fiberglass, painted or metallic surfaces, canvas, vinyl seating cover or upholstery, and a range of rubber equipment including fenders, inflatable boats, bumpers etc. It will not streak or discolour vinyl or fiberglass.

From Price €17.04


BOAT SHAMPOO is an all purpose, PH neutral boat shampoo capable of removing even the most resistant dirt, leaving surfaces clean and bright. If used after the application of Dulon 1&2, this product will help maintain the shine and finish achieved. Easy rinse Boat Shampoo is solvent free and delicate to skin. Its deep cleasing, no-foam formula ca be used with fresh or salt water with the same excellent results.
From Price €11.53


When added to the waste holding tank ( also through the toilet), KEM efficiently breaks down organic waste and toilet paper, perfumed, preventing the build up of unpleasant odours ( perfumed) and gases, and helping keep the tank clean.

Price €20.50


It’s special formula allows an efficient combined action: Cleaning and waxing fiberglass at the same time for a longer protection. Makes the colors shine through again, removing the yellowish patina caused by again and the weather. Also effective in cleaning PVC materials ( tarpaulins and cushions ). Obtained from a selection of high quality raw materials.
From Price €13.13


ALUMINIOLUX has been developed to clean, restore and buff aluminium wich has dulled and tarnished over time. It will also give long-lasting protection from corrosion, oxidisation and tarnish and can be used on a range of objects from port holes to candlestick holders.

Price €19.98


Extra Soft Nylon. // Aggressive, heavy duty cleaning of nonskid, teak and wood decks, roof tops, concrete and other similar surfaces. Not for use on painted or gloss f inishes. Cleans delicate finishes including paint, fiberglass, gelcoat, windows and graphics. Not for use with acids or Alcohol. // Soft Flagged Brush. All purpose brush ideal for paint and fiberglass Safe for use with detergents and mild acid cleaners. // Medium Brush. Slightly more aggressive than our soft yellow brush. Scrubs away dirt, grime, mildew and other tough stains. Ideal for non-skid, roof tops, awning teak decks, canvas, cushions, vinyl forniture and pools. Not for use on painted or gloss finishes.

From Price €48.81

Aion the original pva...

Aion the original pva drying skin dries anything faster and easier, absorbs 5x more than normal drying skins / resistent to most chemicals / lasts for years with normal use. Choice of colors: Blue/orange/green/violet/yellow. Stores conveniently in its own tube.
Price €29.46

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