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DULCLEANER is a powerful, all purpose boat cleaner wich instantaneously removes dirt, mildew, oil grease, fish blood, grime and stains from all types of surface. It is particularly effective on fiberglass, painted or metallic surfaces, canvas, vinyl seating cover or upholstery, and a range of rubber equipment including fenders, inflatable boats, bumpers etc. It will not streak or discolour vinyl or fiberglass.

From Price €18.75


    Polish and protect your stainless steel surfaces from corrosion, tarnish and the elements with fast acting, long lasting inox lux. Can be used on a range of objects, such as winches, mats, cleats, portholes and candle stick holders.
    Price €21.98

      DULON 1 & 2

      DULON 1&2 was originally developed for the space industry, and this two-step polish and sealant programme has proved its worth for many years in industrial application. Italia Marine brings you this revolutionary product for use on a wide range of surfaces, including paint, gel-coat, plexiglass, PVC, chrome, stainless steel, aluminium etc. DULON does not contain any wax, silicon or petroleum derivatives. It’s unique molecular formula forms a 100% protective seal barrier, protecting your boat surfaces for up to a year from weather decay, UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain, salt etc. DULON 1 & 2works hard to protect your boat and will restore surfaces to their original gloss and colour.

      Price €88.68


        ALUMINIOLUX has been developed to clean, restore and buff aluminium wich has dulled and tarnished over time. It will also give long-lasting protection from corrosion, oxidisation and tarnish and can be used on a range of objects from port holes to candlestick holders.

        Price €21.98

          BOAT SHAMPOO

          BOAT SHAMPOO is an all purpose, PH neutral boat shampoo capable of removing even the most resistant dirt, leaving surfaces clean and bright. If used after the application of Dulon 1&2, this product will help maintain the shine and finish achieved. Easy rinse Boat Shampoo is solvent free and delicate to skin. Its deep cleasing, no-foam formula ca be used with fresh or salt water with the same excellent results.
          From Price €12.68

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