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BOAT SHAMPOO is an all purpose, PH neutral boat shampoo capable of removing even the most resistant dirt, leaving surfaces clean and bright. If used after the application of Dulon 1&2, this product will help maintain the shine and finish achieved. Easy rinse Boat Shampoo is solvent free and delicate to skin. Its deep cleasing, no-foam formula ca be used with fresh or salt water with the same excellent results.
From Price €12.68


    DULCLEANER is a powerful, all purpose boat cleaner wich instantaneously removes dirt, mildew, oil grease, fish blood, grime and stains from all types of surface. It is particularly effective on fiberglass, painted or metallic surfaces, canvas, vinyl seating cover or upholstery, and a range of rubber equipment including fenders, inflatable boats, bumpers etc. It will not streak or discolour vinyl or fiberglass.

    From Price €18.75


      It is a special liquid detergent for persistent dirt, particularly designed for all onboard needs. Recommended for all external cleaning ( hull and deck) of your boat, eliminates any kind of dirt from leatherette, fiberglass, bimini tops ( restores the color), fenders. Instantly removes, marks, oily and black stains caused by water waste including engines waste. Eco friendly all purpose degreaser. Quick and complete biodegradability, we only use surfactants resulting from 100% vegetal raw materials. Concetrated, effective and easy to rinse.
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        Intensively moisturises giving immediate relief to chapped hands due to repeated washing and antibacterial treatments. The cream has a very rich formula, thanks to its active ingredients such as Aloe, Glycerin, Allantoin, Centella, Chamomile, Ginseng, Jojoba and Sunflower. These ingredients help repair the hydrolipidic film of the skin, restoring the natural softness of the hands and protecting them for a long time. It is absorbed quickly.

        Price €10.60


          PREDULON is an ideal base pre-cleaner tratment wich will de-grease gel-coat and painted surfaces prior to the application of DULON 1 &2. PREDULON'S unique formula works diffrently from most traditional cleaners in tha it reacts with the layer of dirt and grease wich has formed on the surface, separating and lifting it away. There is no better pre-treatment formula for DULON 1 & 2.
          From Price €18.75

            BIO MULTI CLEAN

            It is a special multi purpose degreaser fraganced with eucalyptus essential oils, ready-to-use, eliminates all kind of dirt, acts instanly. Its non toxic formula is specific for the cleaning of ovens, cookers, cooker extractor hoods, kitchen surfaces, skins fridges, sanitaries, taps and tables in low ventilation areas. Dows not require the use of gloves. Also suitable to clean mirror and glass without leaving smears. No rinse needed. Designed to reduce the risk of allergies and irritations.

            From Price €19.23

              RUST AWAY

              RUST AWAY is a mildly acidic, exxeptionally hard-working, stain remover wich remove even the toughest rust and mildew stain from chrome and stainless steel. Spray on and leave for a few minutes before rising. RUST AWAY can also be used to remove oxidisation from painted, ceramic (sanitary equipment) and metallic surfaces (e.g. winches, candlestick holders, shower heads etc. ). Suitable for deep cleaning and scaling outboard motors and propellers.

              From Price €18.75

                BIO BOAT-SHAMPOO

                Eco friendly PH shampoo suitable for all kinds of onboard cleaning. Quick and complete biodegradability with surfacatnts resulting from 100% vegetal raw materials and coconut oil natural soap. Concentrated, effective and easy to rinse. No foam, effective even when diluted in salt water.
                From Price €13.88



                  Detergent with a high concentration of alcohol that can be used to effectively cleanse masks and gloves (even single-use), washable surfaces, clothing, shoes, backpacks, upholstery and common everyday objects (e.g. Smartphones, headphones, screens and keyboards, pc, mouse, handles, cash cards, ATMs, weighing scales, etc.). Use the detergent when you need to thoroughly clean something or as a simple precaution for yourself and others. It dries immediately and there is no need to rinse it.

                  Contains: Alcohol 75%

                  Price €13.76

                    KIT BOAT RENEWER 1 (BASE)

                    It includes a kit of 5 products to clean and regenerate most of the materials of the boat: STAINLESS STEEL, TEAK, FIBERGLASS, PLASTICS, CUSHIONS IN LEATHER (SKAI), PLEXIGLASS AND TRANSPARENT PVC OF SUN BURNED AWNINGS

                    Price €89.00
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