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RINSE is an additive for portable toilet flushes where it will keep water clean and free of bacteria until it is time to flush. Not only does RINSE ensure a better flush, but it leaves a micro thin protective film in the toilet bowl preventing the creation of hard water stains, algae and build up of harmful bacteria
Price €22.55


    RUBBING COMPOUND is a water-based, solvent-free scrubbing paste. Delicate and environmentally friendly, this product will remove marks, scratches, tarnish and supercial yellowing from gel-coat and painted surfaces. This fast-acting paste leaves a long lasting, high quality gloss finish which will not cause oxidisation over time. Normally this paste is applied with an electrical polisher using a wool or sponge buffer, but can also be applied manually with a sponge. Available in two versions: fine or medium grain paste.
    From Price €26.92

      TEAK OIL

      TEAK OIL seals and protects teak woodwork. Its advance formula penetrates deeply into the wood (unvarnished) restoring its natural beauty and golden tones. It helps prevent further dirt build up in the pores and grooves, enhances water proofing to protect against rain, salt and sea spray, and forms a barrier against harmful UV rays which can fade and dry out teak over the course of time. Easy to apply, this oil is delicately perfumed with an orange scent.

      From Price €19.65

        PLAST RENEWER 400 ml

        PLAST RENEWER will remove stains, salt deposits and bleaching from plastic surfaces, both rough and smooth. It is ideal for cleaning instrument panels and dashboards, indicator lights and headlamps etc. Can also be used to restore plastics and other rubber surfaces. Restoring surfaces to their original colour and brightness, PLAST RENEWER offers long lasting brightness and protection.
        Price €20.29

          LUBRY SPRAY (sbloccatutto)...

          LUBRY SPRAY is an excellent de-clogger and un-blocker for use on engine parts, and other objects which have rusted, oxidised or clogged tight over time (e.g. Nuts and bolts, screws, zips, locks etc). It will also insulate electrical circuits and wiring from humidity, reducing loss of current and sparking. LUBRY SPRAY will not harm metals, paints, rubber or electrical circuitry and contains a corrosion inhibitor. It will stop squeaks and groans, and enhances electrical contact.
          Price €22.32

            CLORO BATT

            CLORO BATT is an anti-bacterial treatment for grey water tanks. This product will maintain and sterilise grey water tanks using an advance anti-bacterial formula and active chlorine base which also breaks down fat and emulsion build-up thus avoiding unpleasant odours and fat Deposits
            From Price €19.79


              Vulpex on countless plastic products, Extending the aging process. Renews and protects treated Surfaces with a non - stick effect, makes colors vibrant and gives new life to the transparent plastics without leaving smudges or stains. Regenerate acrylic and polycarbonate widscreens ( PVC and Plexiglas), painted surfaces and stickers (ideal for jet skis).

              Price €40.39

                NO ODOUR CATS&DOGS(cattura...

                Its special antibacterial formula attacks and destroys the rotten microbes trapped in the fabric which cause bad smells. The fine essence contained within, releases a pleasant and lasting fragrance to the fabric. It is effective in removing fabric, indoor organic (food), animals and smoke odours. It also captures odours trapped in mattresses, linen, sofas, carpets, rugs, clothing, shoes and other household fabrics as well as small rooms.
                Price €17.12

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